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西部世界(Westworld) 第01季 第01集 第13期

这么早睡吗 梅芙 Early night, maeve? 身体有点不适 Feeling a bit out of sorts. 克莱门汀可以接我的活 Clementine can pick up the slack. 晚安 Night. 忘了什么吗 基西 Forgetting something, Kissy? 我开始觉得你对我有意思了 I'm beginning to think you're getting sweet on me. 那是因为你身上流着一半乡巴佬的血 Well, on account of you being half cornhusker. 告诉我哪一半是 Tell me which half is which 我来搜搜那一半 and I'll search that half. 那一半会切断你的喉咙的 Yeah, the half that's gonna cut your fucking throat. 我告诉过你 我没... I told you, I didn't take-- 又和新的一样了 是吗 Good as new again, huh? 有时候我很羡慕你能忘记从前 Sometimes I envy your forgetfulness. 有一个接待员出现了严重故障 We've got a serious problem with one of the hosts. 这个人还没喝够呢 Thinking this one's still thirsty. 这次不会死了 阿诺德 Not gonna die this time, Arnold. 没什么能杀得了我 Ain't nothing gonna kill me. 你们喝不了 这不是给你们的 You can't have none. Ain't for you. 又找到一瓶 Found me another bottle. 你在长个 要多喝奶 You're a growing boy. 你在长个 A growing boy. 在长个 Growing boy! 里面有两个客人 We got two guests inside. 我去跟他们谈 We'll go talk to them, 你们搞定这个烂摊子 you sort this mess out. 他们本就该相互攻击的 You know, they're supposed to turn on each other, 但只有在客人把他们带到高能故事情节上的时候 but only if a guest takes them on the high sierra storyline, 沃尔特总会配合 and Walter always buys it. 看来沃尔特已经厌倦了 Well, I guess Walter got tired of buying it. 这说明治安官的事不是个别事件 I suppose this means the sheriff wasn't an isolated incident. 其实这是个好消息 真的 It's good news, really. 证实了问题就是出自于升级 Confirms the problem was part of the update. 我们可以把他们进行滚回操作 We can roll them back, 清理干净 再重新上线 clean them up, put them back in service. 你觉得我会同意 You think I'm gonna sign off 让这个谋杀犯重新上线吗 On this fucking homicidal thing going back into service? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/Westworld-01-01-13.html