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BBC地平线 宇宙中最极端的天气(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第12期

检测到更广的波长范围 to look at a far greater range of wavelengths. 将光线散开 spreading out the light. 将会揭示ROXs 12 b大气层的秘密 will reveal the secrets of ROXs 12 b's atmosphere, 将火星包围了两个多月 the whole of Mars for over two months. 将其上方的空气 that it heats the atmosphere above it 将其转变成金刚石 turn it into diamonds. 将热量保留了下来 that's holding the heat in. 将热气从昼半球吹向夜半球 carrying that hot air from the day side around to the night side. 将在光谱中显示吸收特征 will induce absorption features in the spectrum, 将装有石墨材料的包套 We take that capsule, the graphite material inside it, 降温凝结 it cools then it condenses out 降下的液态水滴不同 which is liquid water droplets like here on Earth, 叫做火山泪 called Pele's tears. 较地球上的风暴而言 ever since, which is remarkable, 接二连三地发射宇宙飞船 were sending spacecraft after spacecraft, 接收到的辐射量 where it would receive about the same level of radiation 接收到了由闪电发出的无线电信号 picking up the radio signal of lightning. 接收的辐射量 and receives about four times 接收的辐射量为地球的两倍 receives twice the level of radiation that the Earth does. 今天的气温是... The temperature today is... 今天早些时候我们成功制作出 So what we were making earlier today, 今晚大部分地区 Later today, a mixture of brighter spells 金星的大气比地球更厚重 On Venus, with its much deeper atmosphere than Earth, 金星的温室效应过于剧烈 Venus has too much greenhouse effect. 金星的真实气候 of Venus's climate. 金星地表温度为462摄氏度 Venus has a surface temperature of 462 Celsius, 金星和火星有着天壤之别 Venus and Mars are like chalk and cheese. 金星简直是行星世界的地狱 Venus is a planetary vision of Hell. 金星如此之热是因为 It is so much hotter on Venus because 金星是太阳系中最热的行星 Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/The-Wildest-Weather-in-the-Universe-12.html