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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第02集 第01期

我家绝对有异样 There's something inside my house. 它想带走我的女儿 And it's trying to take my daughter. 你知道这里是什么情况 对吧 You know what's going on here, right? 我在脸书上给朋友的一个幼稚巫术工艺品店点了赞 I liked my friend's stupid Wiccan craft store on Facebook. 她很担心你 She's very worried about you. 她疯了 She's losing her mind. 妈妈 ?Mom? 嗨 亲爱的 Hey, hon. 船怎么样了 亨瑞 How's the boat, Henry? 你的船...修好了吗 The boat. Did you fix it up? 你在浪费时间 You're wasting your time. -他基本是个废人了 -小凯 - He's basically a potato. - Kat! 杰茜卡什么时候开始给你写信了 Since when do you have Jessica writing you letters? -你怎么还在和她联系 -她是我朋友 - Why are you even talking to her? - She's my friend. 她结婚了 She's married. 加布里埃尔 Gabriel? 我求你 上帝 求求你 Please, God. Please, God. 上帝啊 Oh, God. 教堂有专门给不遵守命令的人准备的地方 The church has places for those who would disobey a direct order. 你是要炒了我吗 班内特 You putting me out to pasture, Bennett? 如果我别无选择的话 If my hand is forced. 马科斯神父 Father Marcus, 您能给我讲讲恶魔附身吗 what can you tell me about demonic possession? 回去吧 托马斯神父 Go home, Father Tomas. 度过这幸福漫长的一生 Live a long and happy life. 这件事超出了你的能力范围 You're way out of your depth. 凯瑟琳 Katherine? 凯茜 Casey? 神父 Father? 妈妈 Hey, Mom. 你们没有亲人 You have no family. 也没有未来而言 No future to speak of. 这个世界不知道你们是谁 也不在乎 The world don't know who you are and doesn't care. 今天 Today, 我们就看看你们当中谁远不止此 we find out if any of you lads are something more. 我知错了 肖恩神父 I-I'm sorry, Father Sean. 你随我来 You. 传说中的狼 它来找我了 Lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me. 传说中的狼 它来找我了 Lupus in fabula, venit enim ad me. "若你祈求 就能得到" "Ask and it will be given to you. "若你寻找 便能寻见" "Seek and you will find. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/The-Exorcist-01-02-1.html