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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第01集 第14期

为了你自己的利益曲解我说的话 to misinterpret what I say for your own gain. 什么 What? 我觉得自己并没有帮到你 I don't think I'm actually helping you. 你要放弃对我的治疗吗 Are you breaking up with me? 我在问你 I'm asking the question. 我给你的治疗真的有所帮助 Are our sessions actually helping, 还是让事情更糟了 or just making things worse? 路西法 Lucifer? 你说想和我谈谈 You said you wanted to talk. 你好 克洛伊 Hello, Chloe. 怎么回事 What's going on? 我真希望自己不必做这件事 但是... I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but... 最近事态的发展让我别无选择 recent developments have left me with no other choice. 什么别无选择 No other choice than to what? 你得知道真相 克洛伊 You need to know the truth, Chloe. 关于路西法的 About Lucifer. 好吧 All right. 我洗耳恭听 I'm listening. 我不会说给你听 我展示给你看 Oh, I'm not gonna tell you. I'm gonna show you. 你在做什么 What are you doing? 阿曼纳迪尔 阿曼纳迪尔 不要 Amenadiel. Amenadiel, no! 你会没事的 Okay, you're gonna be fine. 我马上叫救护车 你会 I'm gonna call an ambulance. You're gon... 你 You c... 你没事 You're... you're okay. 怎么会 How? 好吧 可能你很难相信 Okay, this is going to be hard for you to hear, 这也是为什么我要让你认识真正的路西法 which is why I needed you to see what Lucifer is. 不 No. 我不相信 I don't believe it. 很好 Good. 因为这一切都是谎言 Because it's all a lie. 防弹衣和血包 Bulletproof vest and blood packs. 你疯了吗 Are you insane? 你刚才可能害死自己 You could have killed yourself! 我很安全 克洛伊 I was perfectly safe, Chloe. 对了 你们面对马尔科姆的时候 This, by the way, is what Lucifer wore 路西法就是穿着这个 when you guys confronted Malcolm. -你怎么知道 -因为是我帮他穿的 - How would you know that? - Because I put it on him. 他知道自己会步入险境 He knew what he was walking into. 听着 他做的所有事都是表演的一部分 Listen, everything that he does is part of a performance. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/Lucifer-02-01-14.html