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路西法(Lucifer) 第01季 第01集 第13期

你站这别动 You, stay put. 你得跟我来 You, you're coming with me. 荣幸之至 With pleasure. 这下你该愿意听我说了吧 At least, perhaps now you will listen to me. 但我不明白为什么被捕的人是我 Although I'm not quite sure why I'm being arrested. 因为你妨碍警察查案 Because you're interferring with a police investigation. 你违反的法律我数都数不过来 You've broken, I can't even count how many laws, 而且你惹毛我了 and you piss me off. 告诉你 这东西拷不住我的 Right. I can get out of these, you know? 你真逗 Funny. 你是怎么做到的 How'd you do that? 咱们这是在浪费时间 Come on, we're wasting time. 我们应该一起去查出真相 We should be out there solving a homicide 惩罚那些罪犯 and punishing those responsible. 我们 你脑袋有病 We? You are insane 我要带你回局里 上车 I'm taking you in. Get in the car. 不要 那太无聊了 No, that's boring, 而且毫无意义 not to mention pointless. 来吧 我帮你 会很有意思的 Come on, I'll help you. It'll be fun. 你能怎么帮我 How could you possibly help me? 我有一套很特别的手段 I have a certain skill set, 可以轻易地说服别人 I can be very persuasive with people, 并且能看到别人看不到的东西 and tend to see things that others cannot. 这么说 你有超感还是什么 So... you're a psychic or something? 不是 我不会读心术 No, I can't read people's minds. 我又不是绝地武士 I'm not Jedi. 人们就是喜欢和我倾诉心声 People just like to tell me things. 就跟你倾诉心声 Just... just tell you things? 就这么承认他们的罪恶吗 Just confess their sins? Just like that? 不是 不是他们的罪恶 No, not their sins. 我没有能力主宰人类的罪恶 I have no power over people's sins. 这事不该让我背黑锅的 I actually get a bad rep for that. 我有能力诱出人们最禁忌的欲望 I have the ability to draw out people's forbidden desires. 头脑越简单的人 就越容易 The more simple the human, the easier it is. 越复杂的 就越有挑战性越让人兴奋 The more complex, the more challenging and exciting, really. 但不是真的罪恶 那是你们人类自找的 But not the actual sins, the sins are on you people. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/Lucifer-01-01-13.html