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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第01集 第14期

这正是我不该这么做的原因 Which is exactly why I can't be. 不会有下次了 I won't ever again. -西娅 -不 我 -Thea. -No, I... 对不起 奥利 Ollie, I am sorry, 我也想跟你一样纪念劳蕾尔 but I want to honor Laurel just as much as you do, 但不是像现在这样 just not like this. 我不管你有什么理由 And I don't care what your reasons are. 再次杀人 Putting killing back on the table 这是重蹈覆辙 is a huge step backwards. 我不想跟这扯上关系 And I don't want anything to do with it. 我很抱歉让你听到这些 I'm sorry that you had to hear that. 没办法 Hazard of the job. 你还好吗 Are you OK? 看到穿着那身衣服的西娅 Just seeing Thea in the suit, 让我感到一切 it just made me feel like everything 都回到了以前的样子 was going to get back to normal. 好吧 我已经没法再告诉你 Well, I'm running out of different ways 并不是那样的 to tell you that it's not. 听着 Hey, look. 成为治安维护者并不只是戴上面具 Being a vigilante is not just putting on a mask 取一个代号 and thinking up a codename. 这些人都是业余的 费利西蒂 These people are amateurs, Felicity. 你真的认为他们可以替代 You really think that they're going to replace 狄格 西娅或者劳蕾尔吗 Dig or Thea or Laurel? 即使我想 他们也不能 They couldn't do that if I wanted them to, 而且我也不想 and I don't want them to. 他们已经在那了 奥利弗 They're already out there, Oliver. 因为你 Because of you. 受你的激励 Inspired by you. 劳蕾尔出事后 After what happened with Laurel, 你怎么能要我牵扯更多的人去送死 how can you ask me to put more people in the crosschairs? 我没有要你这么做 I am not the one who is asking, 还是你已经忘记了 or do you not remember the promise 在劳蕾尔死前你发的誓 that you made to laurel before she died? 劳蕾尔想着未来 Laurel was thinking about the future. 你也需要想想你自己的将来 You need to think about yours. 现在 Right now, 我得去想怎么阻止托拜厄斯·丘奇 I need to think of ways to stop Tobias Church. -奥利弗 -如果你找到了 - Oliver. - So you let me know 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/Arrow-05-01-14.html