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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第01集 第13期

他们有警报 They have wires. 还装备了炸药 设置了警戒线 They've been rigging explosives to set up a kill cordon. 什么东西 A what? 如果我们到下面去的话 If we try to get down there, 所有东西都会被引爆 we're gonna blow everything up. 我们不能抛下他们 We can't just leave them there. 我们会回来救他们 We'll come back for them. 费利西蒂正在找发电站的图纸 Felicity's already looking for the power station blueprints. 如果我们能穿过警戒线的话 Now, if we can get passed that kill cordon, we 那我们就能把丘奇的人全干掉 Then we can kill all of Church's men 而不仅仅是那群人 instead of just those guys? 什么 Excuse me? 我看到你扭断了那人的脖子 奥利 I saw you break that guy's neck, Ollie. 你杀了他 You murdered him. 好吧 我还以为你不会再杀人了 OK, I, I thought you weren't doing that anymore. 如果我放纵自己一点 Maybe if I showed a little less restraint, 劳蕾尔也许不会死 Laurel might still be alive. 行了 你不能再用那事做借口 OK, you cannot keep hiding behind that, 你知道那不是她想要的 and you know that's not what she would have wanted. 西娅 你告诉过我 You know, Thea, you told me 死人无欲无求 that the dead don't want anything. 那天晚上前 我本可以在铁山监狱 Now, I could have killed Damien Darhk 杀掉达米安·达克 before that night at Iron Heights. 我有很多机会下手 I had multiple chances to do so, 但我没那么做 And I didn't, 因为我认为手段光明 because I thought that taking the high road 比拯救生命更重要 was more important than saving lives. 但那是一个 And that is a mistake 我将永不再犯的错误 that I will never, ever make again. 不杀人怎么会是犯错呢 奥利 I wouldn't call not killing people a mistake, Ollie. 就是 因为当我杀了达克 I would, because when I did take Darhk down for good, 就得承认马尔科姆·梅林是对的 I had to confront the fact that Malcolm Merlyn was right. 要么我不惜一切代价去做 Either I'm willing to do whatever is necessary, 要么我根本不应该出现 or I shouldn't be out there at all. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/Arrow-05-01-13.html