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大学英语四级易考范文第7篇:Campus Certificates Craze

Topic 7 Campus Certificates Craze If you just randomly ask a student on campus what he is busy doing, very possibly, he may answer that he is preparing for a certificate of some kind. Investigating a little more, you will find that this has become a new craze among college students. The reasons behind the phenomenon can be summarized into just one: the pressure of finding a job after graduation. With the admission expansion of colleges, a lot more graduates have to compete for the limited job posts. How to make oneself more competitive? Maybe more certificates at hand. Hoping that the employers might find one of them more attractive, the students are compelled to run from one exam to another. As far as I am concerned, the students should have a more rational attitude toward certificates, because exam certificates do not necessarily represent one’s ability. For me, one should work hard at his or her major. Opportunity will come to you if you are competent enough in your field. 参考翻译: 校园“考证热” 如果你在大学校园里随便问一个学生他在忙什么,他很有可能会回答,他正准备考取某个证书。再进一步调查,你会发现,这在大学生中已成为一种新的热潮。 现象背后的原因可以归结为一个:毕业后的就业压力。随着高校扩招,更多的毕业生不得不争取有限的就业岗位。如何使自己更有竞争力?也许就是手中拥有更多的证书。期待雇主会对其中的某个证书感兴趣,学生们不得不参加一场又一场考试。 我认为,大学生应该对证书持有一个更为理性的态度。因为考试证书并不一定代表一个人的能力。在我看来,一个人应该努力学好自己的专业。只要你在自己的专业领域有足够的能力,机会就会来到你的身边。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/558534.html