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1.poker face 面无表情的人 例如: I never know whether my boss likes my work or not -- he is a real poker face! 我从来也不知道我的老板到底喜不喜欢我的工作。他脸上可真是一点表情都没有。 2.The shoe is on the other foot. 形势已经完全不同 例如: Back in school we made fun of Jones because we thought he spent too much time studying instead of having fun. Now the shoe is on the other foot -- he's made lots of money and the rest of us are just barely making enough to feed our families。 以前在学校里念书的时候,我们老是笑话琼斯,认为他这个人老是念书,不会玩。可是,现在情况就完全不同了。他赚了不少钱,而我们这些人的收入只够维持家计而已。 3.to pay through the nose 高价 例如: Life is funny. When the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was alive, nobody wanted to buy his pictures. But now rich people will pay through the nose for one, sometimes more than five million dollars。 人生实在是很有趣的。当那位有名的荷兰画家凡高还活着的时候,没有人要买他的画。可是,现在那些有钱人却愿意出高价买他的画,有时候一张画就要五百多万美元。” 4.to keep an ear to the ground 保持高度警觉 例如: I try to keep an ear to the ground and what I hear these days is that most people think we spend too much money on building roads and not enough on our schools。 我总是设法注意人们的想法。最近我听说,大多数人认为我们在筑路方面花钱太多,而用在学校方面的钱却不足。 5.Up to one's ears 深深卷入 例如: The mayor says he didn't know people on his staff were taking bribes. But my guess is he's up to his ears in it." 市长说他不知道他手下的工作人员接受贿赂。可是,我猜想他完全是介入这些事的。 6.Sweeten the pot 增加有利条件 例如: Miss Smith didn't want the job until the company sweentened the pot by offering her a higher salary and the use of a company car。 施密斯小姐本来不想要那份工作的。后来,那家公司提高了给她的工资,还给她一辆公司的汽车用。这样,她才接受了那个工作。 7.To fly off the handle 激怒 例如: My wife spent all afternoon yesterday cooking a special dinner for our wedding anniversary. So she really flew off the handle when I came home three hours late。 为了庆祝我们结婚周年,我太太化了整个下午精心烹调。可是,我昨晚晚了三个小时才回家。她可真火了。 8.To bark up the wrong tree 找错门了 例如: Hey man, if you think I was the guy who robbed that bank today, you're barking up the wrong tree! I was nowhere near the place." 喂,要是你认为我是今天抢银行的那个人,那你就错怪我了。我根本就没上那儿去。 9.Right on the beam 做的对 例如: Your school report is right on the beam: you followed directions exactly and got all the facts down in the right order。 你的报告写的很对,你准确地按照要求写了,而且每个事实也都按照正确的次序写了进去。 10.To keep one's shirt on 要有耐心,别发火 例如: Honey, keep your shirt on, please! I'm sorry, but the boss made me work late at the office。 亲爱的,请你千万别发火。我很抱歉。可是,我的老板给了我好多活,我不得不在办公室加班嘛。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/558491.html