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权力的游戏:第0740期:第三十五章 艾德(01)

Eddard 艾德 The grey light of dawn was streaming through his window when the thunder of hoofbeats awoke Eddard Stark from his brief, exhausted sleep. He lifted his head from the table to look down into the yard. Below, men in mail and leather and CRImson cloaks were making the morning ring to the sound of swords, and riding down mock warriors stuffed with straw. Ned watched Sandor Clegane gallop across the hard-packed ground to drive an iron-tipped lance through a dummy's head. Canvas ripped and straw exploded as Lannister guardsmen joked and cursed. 如雷的蹄声将艾德·史塔克自短暂的浅眠中惊醒,灰色的晨光正透过窗户流泄进屋。他从桌上抬起头,朝楼下的广场望去。全副武装,身着鲜红披风的人正进行着例行的晨间操演,或举剑交击,或骑马砍倒稻草扎成的假人。奈德看到桑铎·克里冈策马飞驰,穿过硬泥土地,举起铁枪刺穿傀儡的头。布块碎裂,稻草飞扬,兰尼斯特家的侍卫在旁谈笑咒骂。 Is this brave show for my benefit? he wondered. If so, Cersei was a greater fool than he'd imagined. Damn her, he thought, why is the woman not fled? I have given her chance after chance ... 这是故意表演给我看的吗?他心想,果真如此,那瑟曦比他想像的还愚昧。该死,这女人为什么不逃走?我一次又一次给她机会…… The morning was overcast and grim. Ned broke his fast with his daughters and Septa Mordane. Sansa, still disconsolate, stared sullenly at her food and refused to eat, but Arya wolfed down everything that was set in front of her. "Syrio says we have time for one last lesson before we take ship this evening," she said. "Can I, Father? All my things are packed." 晨色阴霾,多云且沉重。奈德和女儿们及茉丹修女共进早餐。珊莎仍在赌气,拉下脸盯着眼前的食物,一口也不吃。艾莉亚则狼吞虎咽地吃光面前所有东西。“西利欧说晚上搭船前还可以再上一堂课。”她说,“父亲,我可以去吗?我的东西都打包好了。” A short lesson, and make certain you leave yourself time to bathe and change. I want you ready to leave by midday, is that understood? “不能太久,还有,记得留时间洗澡换衣服。我希望你中午就准备好,知道吗?” By midday, Arya said. “好。”艾莉亚说。 Sansa looked up from her food. "If she can have a dancing lesson, why won't you let me say farewell to Prince Joffrey?" 珊莎将视线从食物上抬起来。“她可以上舞蹈课,为什么不准我去跟乔佛里王子道别?” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/558375.html