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美剧《美少女的谎言》第05季10集 第12期:赶浑水

So what are you saying, 你什么意思 that Alison might say this guy's guilty? 艾莉森会指认那个人有罪吗 Yeah. 是的 She thinks that he's gonna lead her to "A," 她认为那个人会指引她找到A when really "A"'s gonna make this 可是A会利用这次自首 whole confession lead Tanner back to us. 把坦纳的注意力引到我们身上 But she wouldn't do that. 她不会那么做的 She's crazy, but she's not stupid. 她是疯了 可并不傻 Yeah, I thought so, too. 我也以为是这样呢 But a whole day has passed and this guy, 可是一整天过去了 he's still sitting in jail. 那个人还在牢里待着 Everything's gone, right? 什么都没有了 是吗 The book, the research, the photos of Ali, all of it? 那本书 那些调查 还有艾莉的照片 Because if Tanner comes here-- 万一坦纳到这里来 Aria, you were the one that sent Spencer 艾瑞亚 是你让斯宾塞 over to help me move everything. 来帮我把所有东西都搬走的 Remember? 还记得吗 She's very thorough. You and I both know that. 她做事很细致 你我都知道的 Where is she? 她去哪了 - Who? Spencer? - No. Alison. -谁 斯宾塞吗 -不 艾莉森 Why? 干嘛 Because I want to talk to her, that's why. 因为我想跟她谈一谈 No. No, you're not. 不 你不能去 You just got your stitches out, Ezra. 你的伤口才刚拆线 以斯拉 You're about to take a bike ride 而且还准备去骑单车 for the first time in God knows how long. 真不知道你要骑多久 You just got the all-clear from your doctor. 你的医生说你刚刚康复 You're okay again. You're really okay, and-- 你才刚没事 复原了 No, I-- I'm not gonna allow you to jump back on 不行 我不会再让你去 Ali's crazy train. 蹚艾莉的那趟浑水 Not with Tanner circling 而且坦纳现正四处调查 and "A" watching our every move. A也盯着我们的每一步行动 - No. - Aria-- -不 -艾瑞亚 No. Promise me you won't speak to her. 不行 答应我你不会去找艾莉 重点解释: 1.lead to 把…带到 例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness. 过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。 2.in jail 在狱中服刑 例句:I always said he would wind up in jail. 我常说他到头来非进监狱不可。 3.about to 刚要 例句:He came just as the bus was about to leave. 汽车刚要开他就赶来了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180515/558153.html