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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第274期:犯罪视频

I don't understand. 我不明白 I hit that black box like a hundred times, 我敲了那个黑盒子好几百次 and it didn't even crack. 它连个裂纹都没有 The video just kept playing over and over. 就是没玩没了的播放那段视频 I don't think that it really matters, 我觉得那不重要 because whoever put that 因为不管是谁 car in your garage has probably made copies. 把车停在你家车库的 都会事先备份的 Well, it has to be "A." Why would Wilden put his car in there? 是A 威尔登怎么会把他的车停在那里 Okay, so if "A" did this, and nobody's seen Wilden, 要是A干的 而且没有人见过威尔登 Does that mean that Wilden's dead and that "A" has his body? 那是不是威尔登已经死了 尸体在A那 I don't know. 我不知道 I think that maybe you should tell your mom. 我觉得你应该告诉你妈妈 What?!She can handle a lot more than you think. 什么 她能处理得比你想的好得多 Aria, our moms are totally different. 艾瑞亚 你妈和我妈完全不一样 Mine hit the accelerator, remember? 我妈可是踩油门来着 还记得吗 And besides, I don't want to 更何况 在我们不知道 involve her until we know what we're dealing with. 要对付什么的情况下我不想把她扯进来 She already is involved, Hanna! 她已经被牵扯进来了 汉娜 She is on that video, and it really doesn't look good for her. 视频里有她 而且情况对她不利 Well, if "A" drove it here, who knows what's next? 如果A把车开来的 谁知道还会发生什么 The cops could be on their way. 可能警察就要来了 You know what, just get in your car. Follow me. 还是去开你的车 跟着我 Where are we going? 我们去哪里 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180515/558104.html