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淘金大学英语6级写作范文背诵100篇:Topic 54

[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:08.35]Problems of Infringement through the Internet [00:11.98]The Internet allows us to enjoy the greatest convenience, [00:17.08]but at the same time brings about more chances [00:20.87]of a rude violation of the intellectual property. [00:24.48]Several possible factors could account for such phenomenon. [00:29.21]First, the fact that the Internet can be easily accessible [00:34.62]and used as a tool to search for and share information [00:39.16]make it possible for people to grasp something already existing [00:43.95]and take the ownership readily. [00:46.01]Second, this kind of deeds paying [00:49.74]no respect to intellectual property rights is encouraged [00:53.99]because of the lack of governing laws and regulations. [00:58.16]In order to protect the creators' legitimate rights [01:01.66]to their intellectual properties, [01:03.65]rules and regulations should be seriously enacted, [01:07.94]with due punishments implemented well. [01:10.74]Besides, a reporting system should be developed, [01:15.10]so that the right holders can find an easy way to complain [01:19.45]when they discover the improper use of their original works online. [01:24.52]What's more, users should be instructed [01:28.57]to use the information from the Internet lawfully. [01:31.86]With efforts listed above, [01:34.17]it is hopeful that we can maintain a healthy Internet environment. [01:39.15] 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180511/557150.html