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And that's the difference between problems that are additive, like CO2, 这个就是可添加性问题,像二氧化碳问题, which we go slowly up and then we tip, and problems that are depletive, in which we lose what we have, which oscillate, 慢慢上升然后达到最高峰,跟耗尽性问题,我们失去我们所拥有的某种资源, and they oscillate until we lose everything we've got. 这种资源一直变动,直到我们完全用尽这种资源。 Now we actually looked at what the answer would be. Right? Remember in the campaign: one million hybrid cars by 2015. 其实我们查看了这个问题的答案。对吗?还记得那个广告宣传,到2015年,一百万混合动力车。 That is 0.5 percent of the U.S. oil consumption. 那可是百分之0.5的美国耗油量。 That is oh point oh well percent of the rest of the world. That won't do much difference. 那只是世界耗油量微不足道的一部分。那样做没有什么意义。 We looked at an MIT study: ten million electric cars on the global roads. 我们查看了一个麻省理工大学的研究:一千万电力汽车投放国际市场。 Ten million out of 500 million we will add between now and then. 这是我们计划投入的5亿辆电力汽车中的一千万。 That is the most pessimistic number you can have. 那可是你所可以拥有的最保守的数量。 It's also the most optimistic number because it means we will scale this industry from 100 thousand cars is 2011, 同时也是最乐观的一个数字,因为这意味这我们将扩大这个行业,从2011年的10万辆,到2016年的1千万辆。 to 10 million cars by 2016 -- 100 x growth in less than five years. 这意味着不到5年内10倍的增长。 You have to remember that the world today is bringing in so many cars. 同时你必须记得现时的世界每天都在增加许多的汽车。 We have 10 million cars by region. That's an enormous amount of cars. 按区域计算,我们有一千万辆汽车。那可是一个不可小看的数字。 China is adding those cars -- India, Russia, Brazil. 中国正飞速的增加汽车数量--印度,俄罗斯,巴西。 We have all these regions. Europe has solved it. They just put a tax on gasoline. 这些地区都如此。欧洲已经把这个问题解决。他们在汽油上加税。 They'll be the first in line to get off because their prices are high. China solves it by an edict. 他们将会第一个摆脱对石油的依赖,因为价钱将高得无法让人承受。中国将会用硬性法规解决这个问题。 At some point they'll just declare that no gasoline car will come into a city, and that will be it. 他们将会禁止任何汽油汽车进入城市。那会是汽油汽车的最终下场。 The Indians don't even understand why we think of it as a problem 印度人民根本不了解为什么这是一个问题, because most people in India fill two or three gallons every time. 因为大部分人在印度每次只加2到3加仑汽油。 For them to get a battery that goes 120 miles is an extension on range, not a reduction in range. 对于他们来说,一个可以行走120英里的电池简直是范围的无限扩大,不是范围的缩小。 We're the only ones who don't have the price set right. 我们是唯一一个没有将油价设置好的国家。 We don't have the industry set right. We don't have any incentive to go and resolve it across the U.S. 我们也没有把各行业设置好。我们没有任何刺激去解决这个问题,这个现象横跨全美国。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180510/556834.html