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And I had to quit and come and do this thing called A Better Place. 我于是退出了SAP的CEO的竞选,开始了这个名为“更美好的地方”的方案。 We then decided to scale it up. We went to other countries. 然后我们决定把这个方案扩大。我们去了别的国家。 As I said we went to Denmark. And Denmark set this beautiful policy; it's called the IQ test. 像我之前说的,我们去了丹麦。丹麦把这个方案设定成了一个叫IQ测试的政策。 It's inversely proportional to taxes. They put 180 percent tax on gasoline cars and zero tax on zero-emission cars. 这个方案被设置成跟税收成反比。丹麦政府对所有汽油车征收百分之180的税,不对零排放量的汽车征收任何税收。 So if you want to buy a gasoline car in Denmark, it costs you about 60,000 Euros. 因此如果你在丹麦想购买一辆汽油汽车,价钱大概是6万欧元左右。 If you buy our car it's about 20,000 Euros. 如果你买我们的车,价钱大概是2万欧元左右。 If you fail the IQ test they ask you to leave the country. 如果你无法通过这个IQ测试,丹麦政府将命令你离开丹麦。 We then were sort of coined as the guys who run only in small islands. 我们于是被称为只在小岛国活动的一组。 I know most people don't think of Israel as a small island, but Israel is an island -- it's a transportation island. 我知道大部分人不认为以色列是一个小岛国家。可是以色列是一个岛国。以色列是一个交通岛国。 If your car is driving outside Israel it's been stolen. 如果你的车在以色列以外行驶,那你的车必定是被盗窃了。 If you're thinking about it in terms of islands, 如果你把这些国家都看成是岛屿, we decided to go to the biggest island that we could find, and that was Australia. 那么我们决定去我们可以找到的最大的岛国。那便是澳大利亚。澳 The third country we announced was Australia. 大利亚是我们第三个公布的国家。 It's got three centers -- in Brisbane, in Melbourne, in Sydney -- and one freeway, one electric freeway that connects them. 澳大利亚有三个中心--布里斯班市,墨尔本和悉尼--再加一个高速,一个把这三个中心连起来的电子高速。 The next island was not too hard to find, and that was Hawaii. 下一个岛屿 并不难找,那便是夏威夷。 We decided to come into the U.S. and pick the two best places -- the one where you didn't need any range extension. 于是我们决定来到美国,并选择了两个最好的地方--两个并不需要任何扩大范围的地方。 Hawaii you can drive around the island on one battery. 在夏威夷,你可以依靠一个电池兜游整个岛。 And if you really have a long day you can switch, and keep on driving around the island. 如果你真的计划一个比较长的行程日,你可以替换,并且不断的驾驶。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180509/556534.html