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Now this would have been a wonderful paper. 这本来是一篇极好的文章。 That's how I solved it in my head. 这便是我解决这个问题的过程。 It was a white paper I handed out to governments. 我把这分白皮书分发给不同的政府。 And some governments told me that it's fascinating that the younger generation actually thinks about these things. 一部分政府告诉我这个概念很有趣,年轻一代会真的考虑这种方案。 Until I got to the true young global leader, Shimon Peres, President of Israel, and he ran a beautiful manipulation on me. 直到我联络到Shimon Peres,一个年轻的领袖,以色列总统,他让我好好的操作了这个理念。 First he let me go to the prime minister of the country, who told me, 首先他让我联络以色列首相,他告诉我, if you can find the money you need for this network, 200 million dollars, 如果你可以收集到足够开发这个网络的资金,20亿美金, and if you can find a car company that will build that car in mass volume, in two million cars 并且可以找到汽车制造商,能生产大量的那个模型的汽车,大概2两百万辆车左右, that's what we needed in Israel -- I'll give you country to invest the 200 million into. 这便是以色列所需要的,如果你可以办到这些,我将给你整个国家,让你投资那20亿美金。 Peres thought that was a great idea. Peres认为这是一个很好的想法。 So we went out, and we looked at all the car companies. 因此我们调查了所有的汽车制造商。 We sent letters to all the car companies. Three of them never showed up. 我们还给他们发了信。在这些厂商当中,三个从来没有回复。 One of them asked us if we would stay with hybrids and they would give us a discount. 其中一个问我们能否只用双动力汽车,他们会给我们折扣。 But one of them Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and Nissan, when asked about hybrids said something very fascinating. 但是,其中一位,雷诺和尼桑的CEO,Carlos Ghosn,当他被问到双动力汽车的时候,他给了一个很有趣的答案。 He said hybrids are like mermaids. When you want a fish you get a woman and when you need a woman you get a fish. 他说双动力汽车就像美人鱼一样。当你要看金鱼的时候,你看到女子,当你要看女子的时候,你却看到金鱼。 And Ghosn came up and said, "I have the car, Mr. Peres; I will build you the cars." Ghosn告诉我们,“我可以制造这种电力汽车。Peres先生,我会为你制造这种汽车。” And actually true to form, Renault has put a billion and a half dollars in building nine different types of cars 事实上,雷诺早已投资15亿美金在制造9种不同的电力汽车, that fit this kind of model that will come into the market in mass volume -- mass volume being the first year, 100 thousand cars. 它们将大量进入市场--第一年预计产量,10万辆。 It's the first mass-volume electric car, zero-emission electric car in the market. 这将是第一款大量生产的电力汽车,市场上第一款零排放量的电力汽车。 I was running, as Chris said, to be the CEO of a large software company called SAP And then Peres said, 正如Chris所说,我当时竞任SAP,一个大型软件公司的CEO。Peres问我, "Well won't you run this project?" “你会不会主管这个项目?” And I said, "I'm ready for CEO" 我告诉他,“我已经做好了当CEO的准备。” And he said, "Oh no no no no no. You've got to explain to me, 他说,“不不不。你得告诉我, what is more important than saving your country and saving the world, that you would go and do?" 有什么比拯救你的国家和拯救世界更重要的事情?” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180509/556533.html