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And they're not the only animals attracted to the clearing. 大象不是唯一被吸引到空旷地带的动物。 Forest buffalos and red river hogs are also regular visitors. 森林水牛,红河野猪,它们也是常客。 As are bongos, which are very difficult to see outside these clearings. 邦戈羚羊也是除了在空旷地很难见到的动物。 All these large forest animals have come here 所有的这些森林动物来到这里, to collect an essential element of their diet that lies buried beneath the mud. 收集埋在泥下的对身体有益的微量元素。 And the elephant's trunk is the perfect tool for reaching it. 象鼻可以说是得到它的完美工具。 To get what they seek, the prospecting elephants must first blow away the covering layer of silt. 要找到想要的东西,大象首先要驱走覆盖着的沙土。 Satisfaction at last. 最终十分满意。 They're collecting a particular kind of clay that contains vital minerals scarce in their natural diet. 它们在收集一种特殊的矿物质,而这种矿物质很难从自然食物中获取。 It may be mud but there's just nothing quite like it for enriching the blood. 虽然有些牙碜,不过到了血液里也就没什么了。 The clay also helps to absorb the toxins found in many leaves that the elephants eat. 粘土也可以吸收中和吃的叶子中的毒素。 There are other benefits to coming here. 到这里还有个好处。 These clearings are the only places where the forest elephants can get together in such numbers. 这块空地是唯一可以聚集并展现象群数量的地方。 When they return to the forest, they will have to go their separate ways once more. 当它们返回树林时,它们将再一次分开。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180509/556526.html