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美国语文第五册 第330期:《圣经》 最好的经典(01)

There is a classic the best the world has ever seen, the noblest that has ever honored and dignified the language of mortals. 这是世界文明迄今为止的古典精粹,这是有史以来人类语言的庄严高贵。 If we look into its antiquity, we discover a title to our veneration unrivaled in the history of literature. 如果走入沧桑阅尽的尘封过往,我们将在文学史上发现那种无愧人类无与伦比的崇敬描述。 If we have respect to its evidences, they are found in the testimony of miracle and prophecy; 倘若,我们见证其存在而心生景仰,它们在神迹与预言中得以验证: in the ministry of man, of nature, and of angels, yea, even of “God, manifest in the flesh,” of “God blessed forever.” 造福人类,关爱自然,敬畏天神,的确,“神,以肉身显现,”“上帝,赐福永远。” If we consider its authenticity, no other pages have survived the lapse of time that can be compared with it. 如果我们怀疑《圣经》的真实性,那么,任何留存于漫长时光流逝里文献典籍无法与其媲美; If we examine its authority, for it speaks as never man spake, 倘若我们质疑《圣经》的权威性,因为它从未发出类似人类声音, we discover that it came from heaven in vision and prophecy under the sanction of Him who is Creator of all things, 我们最终发现《圣经》原本来自上天的视角,来自创造万物造物主掌控中预言, and the Giver of every good and perfect gift. 来自世间所有仁爱善行与无私馈赠的授予。 If we reflect on its truths, they are lovely and spotless, sublime and holy as God himself, 如果我们探求《圣经》真相,它如此崇高神圣,甚至委实无可挑剔,因为它与上帝本身无异, unchangeable as his nature, durable as his righteous dominion, and versatile as the moral condition of mankind. 与圣父本质同样不可改变,与上天公正掌控同样连绵经久,与人类道德标准同样万能通用。 If we regard the value of its treasures, we must estimate them, not like the relics of classic antiquity, 倘若我们关注《圣经》的珍贵价值,我们必须对它做出评价,就价值而言,历代珍宝遗迹荣耀精美但易于衰败, by the perishable glory and beauty, virtue and happiness, of this world, but by the enduring perfection and supreme felicity of an eternal kingdom. 美德快乐稍纵即逝;而《圣经》凭借永恒王国日久弥新的完美,以及至高无上的幸福永存于世。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180505/555531.html