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美国语文第五册 第328期:夏天的渴望

I must away to the wooded hills and vales, 我要离开,去幽深的沟壑溪谷, Where broad, slow streams flow cool and silently 河水宽阔,静穆流淌着沁凉, And idle barges flap their listless sails. 停泊的船,风儿扑打倦怠长帆, For me the summer sunset glows and pales, 夕阳的光,炙热刺目, And green fields wait for me. 绿色田野,等待着我。 I long for shadowy founts, 我向往那,蓊郁树林边清泉, where the birds twitter and chirp at noon from every tree; 鸟声鼎沸,躲避正午的炎炎, I long for blossomed leaves and lowing herds; 繁花落尽,果树下哞哞牛群, And Nature’s voices say in mystic words, 静谧柔和,自然纯净的天籁, “The green fields wait for thee.” 绿色田野,等待着我。 I dream of uplands, where the primrose shines 我梦想,樱草花盛开的高处, And waves her yellow lamps above the lea; 草地上,黄色灯笼随风滚翻, Of tangled copses, swung with trailing vines; 灌木丛,藤茎蔓延摇曳多姿, Of open vistas, skirted with tall pines, 松林高耸,点缀满目寥廓苍翠, Where green fields wait for me. 绿色田野,等待着我。 I think of long, sweet afternoons, 我期待,漫长舒适的夏季午后, when I may lie and listen to the distant sea, 躺卧在地,聆听远处海浪呼吸, Or hear the breezes in the reeds that sigh, 微风拂过,传来芦苇深深叹息, Or insect voices chirping shrill and dry, 虫鸣四起,声声锐利饥渴难耐, In fields that wait for me. 绿色田野,等待着我。 These dreams of summer come to bid me find 夏季梦幻,热烈期待纷沓至来, The forest’s shade, the wild bird’s melody, 丛林荫蔽,孕育鸟儿婉转歌喉, While summer’s rosy wreaths for me are twined, 玫瑰花环,编织夏天繁复美丽, While summer’s fragrance lingers on the wind, 芳香浓郁,风中徘徊难以忘记, And green fields wait for me. 绿色田野,等待着我。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180504/555268.html