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美国语文第五册 第327期:人生如画(06)

But temptation succeeds temptation, and one compliance prepares us for another; 毕竟,诱惑成功诱惑了诱惑,屈从后面仍是屈从, we, in time, lose the happiness of innocence, and solace our disquiet with sensual gratifications. 最终,我们完全失去清纯无辜的快乐,以感官刺激抚慰自己焦虑的身心。 By degrees we let fall the remembrance of our original intention, and quit the only adequate object of rational desire. 渐渐地,我们抛却自己最初目标的承诺,放弃唯一充足信念的理性欲求。 We entangle ourselves in business, immerge ourselves in luxury, 我们在金钱中百般纠结,沉湎于奢侈享受, and rove through the labyrinths of inconstancy till the darkness of old age begins to invade us, and disease and anxiety obstruct our way. 徘徊在反复无常的迷宫,直到风烛残年,黑暗开始吞噬我们;直到忧心忡忡,我们疾病缠身,步履蹒跚。 We then look back upon our lives with horror, with sorrow, and with repentance; 在恐惧悲哀、悔恨夹杂希望欲求的百感交集中,我们回想自己一生, and wish, but too often vainly wish, that we had not forsaken the paths of virtue. 那些太过频繁、徒劳枉然的欲望,迫使我们不得不一次次背离美德的康庄正途。 Happy are they, my son, who shall learn, from thy example, not to despair, 我的孩子,那些将从你的教训中获得启示的人,将会多么幸福。他们不会绝望, but shall remember that though the day is past, and their strength is wasted, there yet remains one effort to be made; 且铭记在心。虽然今天已经过去,辛苦已经付出,然而依然有待继续前行。 that reformation is never hopeless, nor sincere endeavors ever unassisted; that the wanderer may at length return after all his errors; 改变绝非等同失望,真诚拼搏并不意味孤独无助;漂泊者最终将反思自己所有的谬误, and that he who implores strength and courage from above, shall find danger and difficulty give way before him. 祈求从过去失误中获得力量与勇气,那么,他会发现危险或苦难会在他的面前退却。 Go now, my son, to thy repose: commit thyself to the care of Omnipotence; 现在动身吧,我的孩子,奔赴你精神的长眠之乡,将自己交与上帝眷顾, and when the morning calls again to toil, begin anew thy journey and thy life. 当晨钟再次呼唤接受苦难,不妨开始你全新生活的崭新旅程吧! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180503/555007.html