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淘金大学英语6级写作范文背诵100篇:Topic 69

[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:08.21]Creating A Low-carbon Society [00:11.32]In recent years, [00:14.00]low-carbon lifestyle is vigorously advocated around the world. [00:19.04]Each and every action conducive to the reduction of carbon dioxide [00:24.82]is bound to catch people's attention. [00:27.62]Why does such phenomenon occur? [00:30.61]For one thing, frequent disastrous global climate changes, [00:35.46]which have threatened human health, [00:38.04]security and survival, [00:40.28]aroused people's attention. [00:42.45]We have realized that our infinite desire [00:46.62]and excessive consumption of high-carbon products [00:50.91]are immensely increasing carbon dioxide emissions, [00:54.83]thus worsening global climate. [00:58.01]For another, low-carbon lifestyle encouraging people [01:02.30]to lower consumption of resources and energy helps [01:06.03]to realize sustainable development in our society. [01:11.13]As college students, [01:12.87]we can exert our efforts to reduce carbon emissions [01:17.66]by doing some simple things. [01:19.78]For example, never use disposable chopsticks or cups; [01:25.20]turn off the lights when we are leaving the classroom or dormitory; [01:29.87]make full use of every piece of paper and so on. [01:33.85]If everyone keeps a low-carbon lifestyle, [01:37.34]we can make a big difference, [01:39.39]as every little makes a mickle. [01:42.25] 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180502/554854.html