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美国语文第五册 第325期:人生如画(04)

for the beasts of the desert were in motion, and on every hand were heard the mingled howls of rage, and fear, and ravage, and expiration; 由于唯恐森林里野兽四处出没,他拔出军刀以作防身。此刻,四面八方的野兽嚎叫接连涌来,愤怒、恐惧、践踏乃至死亡的气息紧紧地攫住了他, all the horrors of darkness and solitude surrounded him; the winds roared in the woods, and the torrents tumbled from the hills. 他身处黑暗,孤孑一人,惶恐不安在他周边不断萦绕增大,风声尖利地在森林里呼啸而过,激流翻滚端急从山顶訇然而下。 Thus, forlorn and distressed, 他如此孤独地在森林里跌跌撞撞, he wandered through the wild without knowing whither he was going or whether he was every moment drawing nearer to safety or to destruction. 伴随撕心裂肺的担忧和痛苦,他不清楚自己究竟走往何方,亦不知晓每时每刻离安全抑或死亡距离更近。 At length, not fear but labor began to overcome him; 最后,他心中不再恐惧,只有双脚铅一般沉重, his breath grew short, and his knees trembled, and he was on the point of lying down, in resignation to his fate, 他的呼吸变得特别急促,膝盖甚而亦无法站直,人似乎接近瘫倒。 when he beheld, through the brambles, the glimmer of a taper. 万般无奈之时,透过一处荆棘, He advanced toward the light, and finding that it proceeded from the cottage of a hermit, he called humbly at the door, and obtained admission. 他突然看见一丝锥形光亮;他朝着那丝光亮走去,发现一个身影从隐蔽的茅屋里闪出,他怯意地叫唤起来,得到许可,他才走进屋里。 The old man set before him such provisions as he had collected for himself, on which Obidah fed with eagerness and gratitude. 一位老人慷慨地拿出食物,摆在他的面前,奥巴代亚忙不迭地吃了起来,满心感激难以表述。 When the repast was over, “Tell me,” said the hermit, by what chance thou hast been brought hither; 吃过饭后,那位森林隐士问他,告诉我,你怎么来到这里?在这块渺无人烟的荒野森林里, I have been now twenty years an inhabitant of this wilderness, in which I never saw a man before. 我已经生活了二十年了,这么多年来,我在这片林子里从未遇见任何人。 Obidah then related the occurrences of his journey, without any concealment or palliation. 奥巴代亚告诉老人自己路途中的经历,以及迷路的来龙去脉,他未加丝毫隐瞒地坦诚相告。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180501/554544.html