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You, today, buy gasoline miles. And we created electric miles. 现在大家买的是汽油里程。我们就创造电子里程。 And the price of electric miles ends up being a very interesting number. 电子里程价钱加起来是个有趣的数字。 Today 2010, in volume, when we come to market, it is eight cents a mile. 2010年的今日,大体来说,我们的市场价格是一英里8美分。 Those of you who have a hard time calculating what that means 如果你数学不好的, in the average consumer environment we're in in the U.S. 20 miles per gallon that's a buck 50, a buck 60 a gallon. 美国目前平均汽油花费是一加仑20英里,1.5到1.6美金。 That's cheaper than today's gasoline, even in the U.S. 比油价便宜多了,连在美国也一样。 In Europe where taxes are in place, that's the equivalent to a minus 60 dollar barrel. But e-miles follow Moore's Law. 欧洲因为税法严格,计算起来等于一桶负60元美金。但电子里程根据的是摩尔定律。 They go from eight cents a mile in 2010, to four cents a mile in 2015, to two cents a mile by 2020. 2010年的一英里8美分,到2015年变成4美分,2020年只有2美分。 Why? Because batteries life cycle improve -- a bit of improvement on energy density, which reduces the price. 为什么?因为电池寿命增加--能源密集的技术进步,让价格降低。 And these prices are actually with clean electrons. We do not use any electrons that come from coal. 这些价格都是干净的电子。完全没用到煤炭。 So in a sense this is an absolute zero-carbon, zero-fossil fuel electric mile at two cents a mile by 2020. 这样看来,这是完全无碳、无化石燃料的,在2020年,电子里程一英里只要2分钱。 Now even if we get to 40 miles per gallon by 2020, which is our desire. 如果顺利的话,2020年的石油若达到一加仑40英里。 Imagine only 40 miles per gallon cars would be on the road. That is an 80 cent gallon. 想象一加仑40英里在路上跑。一加仑等于80分。 An 80 cent gallon means, if the entire Pacific would convert to crude oil, 一加仑80分等于是整个太平洋都变成原油才能达成, and we'd let any oil company bring it out and refine it, they still can't compete with two cents a mile. 然后让石油公司获取、提炼,还是无法与一英里2分钱比较。 That's a new economic factor, which is fascinating to most people. 这是个新的经济因素,大部分人都感兴趣。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180430/554362.html