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Such specialists create the jungle's remarkable diversity. 雨林的特殊环境造就了生物的多样性。 But finding enough food to survive is so challenging 但由于寻找食物是个巨大的挑战, that most animals living here tend to be small, though there are exceptions. 因此很多雨林生物都长得很小巧,有一个地方是例外。 This is the Congo, in Africa. 这是非洲的刚果。 It's a vast wilderness and the least explored of all jungles. 辽阔,原始,也是最不被探索的原始森林之一。 From up here, the forest looks similar to the ones that grow in the Amazon or Southeast Asia. 从这里看,这里的雨林和亚马逊及东南亚的雨林没什么两样。 But down below, there are some unexpected sights. 但往下看,就有出人意料的发现。 CRIsscrossing this forest are countless miles of highways. 地面上有数不尽的大路和十字路口。 And they were made by something big. 一定是一些大家伙弄出来的。 Forest elephants roam great distances in their search for food, 森林象长途跋涉来寻找食物, but to survive they must emerge from the gloom of the forest. 为了生存,它们必须隐没在幽暗的森林中。 And clearings like this one are a magnet for elephants from far and wide. 这块空旷地把大象从四面八方吸引过来。 These elephants live in much smaller groups than their savannah cousins. 森林象群的个体数量比起它的稀树草原的亲戚们要少的多。 This might be the first time that one group will have seen another for a month. 这可能是两个象群一个月来第一次见面。 For the adult males, it's a welcome break in an otherwise largely solitary existence. 对成年雄象来说,这是摆脱孤独的大好时机。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180430/554359.html