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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第02集 第05期

把你绑在混凝土石头上的人谈谈吗 who tied you to a concrete block? 我已经解决了 Already been handled. 我什么都没听到 I did not hear that. 你到底去不去看看劳拉·普莱斯 So, are you gonna check up on Laura Price or not? 不去 Not. -什么 -不用我去 - What?! - I don't have to. 你可以自己问她 You can ask her yourself. 宝贝 我们得走了 Angel, we have to go. 你这么催我尿不出来的 You know I can't do it if you rush me. 普莱斯女士 Mrs. Price. 你还活着 You're alive. 你说什么 Excuse me? 我... I... 我去报警了 I went to call 911. 回来时 你就不见了 我... Came back, you were gone. I-I... 我很担心 怕你又跳河了 I was worried that you went back in the water. 我不知道 I-I didn't know. 我不知道该怎么... I didn't know what to... 万事从无巧合 Nothing is a coincidence! 万物皆有联系 Everything is connected! 你来这里做什么 What were you doing there? 尼科船长 Captain Nico!! 猜猜怎么着 Guess what! 我妈带我去夏威夷 My mom's taking me to Hawaii 我可以两周不用上学了 and I get to miss two weeks of school! 当地的一位渔民发现了 ...where a local fisherman discovered the body 第七位受害人 塞丽娜·普莱斯 失踪的塞丽娜·普莱斯的尸体 of missing Serena Price. 她失踪了 She disappeared, 然后他们在黑松林湾找到了她 and then they found her in Black Pine Cove... 什么 What? 不 No. 卡普纳警探 Detective Kupner, 你能带塞丽娜 would you take Serena 给她倒杯水喝吗 and get her a glass of water, please? 你说他们在黑松林湾 What do you mean, 发现我女儿 是什么意思 they found her at Black Pine Cove? 我要回去睡一觉 I'm going back to bed -然后在我熟识的世界中醒来 -不不不 - and waking up in reality as I know it. - No, no, no. 告诉我这是什么意思 Tell me what you meant. 凶手给你的节目打过电话 The killer called your show, 说塞丽娜在他手里 said that he had Serena.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Somewhere-Between-01-02-5.html