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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第02集 第04期

你会发现他从第二个女孩那 You find the sapphire ring 拿走的一枚蓝宝石戒指 he took from the second victim. 等一下 Hang on a second. 我们还没有发布这条消息 We haven't released that information. 所以要么是有警察在倒卖消息... So either a cop is selling information... 要么就是你和凶手有直接接触 ...or you are in direct contact with the killer, -不管怎样... -我知道的都告诉你了 - and either way... - I told you everything I know. 我得走了 I have to go. 作为一项谋杀案的主要证人 As a material witness in a murder investigation 你或许得交代你的线人 you can be compelled to reveal your source. 那我去问问我丈夫 Let me check that with my husband. 你可能还认识他 You may know him, actually. 托马斯·普莱斯地检官 District Attorney Thomas Price. 警监 扪心自问 Captain, ask yourself: 你明天醒来又发现一具女孩的尸体 how are you gonna feel when you wake up tomorrow 穿着一件有骷髅头的T恤 and there's a dead girl 会作何感想 in a t-shirt with a skull on it? 走吧 宝贝 我们要走了 Come on, angel. It's time to go. 把你东西收好 Let's get your stuff. 等等 等等 Wait, wait, wait, wait. 你是说这个 So you're saying this woman 你在她家被捕的女人 whose apartment you were arrested in 正好在你面前溺水了 just happened to be drowning right in front of you. 正是 Correct. 正好就在有人想杀死你的地方 Right where somebody just happened to be trying to kill you. 是的 我知道 有点不可思议 Yes, no, I-I know, it's insane, 相信我 live with it. 她 她有自杀的倾向 She -- She's a suicide risk 因为她女儿的遭遇 because of what happened to her daughter. 考虑到她老公 And given the fact her husband 让我兄弟成了死刑犯 put my brother on death row, 直接去问会有点尴尬 it's a little awkward to inquire directly. 所以我想也许你能帮我看看她有没有事 So I thought maybe you could find out if she's okay. 你不想我们去和 Oh, you don't want us to talk to the people来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Somewhere-Between-01-02-4.html