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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第04期

收到 绿谷有凶杀案 10-4. We've got a 53 in Greendale. 绿谷吗 好吧 收到 等一下 GreendaleAll right, copy that. Just give me a sec. 交给我们吧 Let us do our job. 你自己保重 You take care. 我们来谈谈那个条件 Let's talk about the damn deal. 首先 看一下你要面临的指控 First, to review the charges you're facing, 纵火 毁坏证据 做假证 arson, destruction of evidence, making a false confession, 妨害司法执行 更别提还有 obstructing justice, not to mention this 把一个死了的孩子丢进河里的恶劣行径 whole nasty mess of dumping a dead kid in the river. 我知道自己做过什么 I know what I did. 条件是什么 What's the deal? 他们能给什么好处 What are they offering? 你会想接受的 You're gonna want to take it. 这么说吧 我干这一行已经很久了 I'm telling you, I've been doing this a long time. 这个条件对你很有利 It's a strong deal. 多少年 How many damn years? 猪头 Jughead. 你疯了吗 Are you insane? 是你看起来像个 You're the one that looks like a 《猛鬼街3》里出来的梦境战士 Dream Warrior from Nightmare on Elm Street 3. 律师怎么说 What did the lawyer say? 我整晚都坐立不安 I've been walking around all 满脑子都想着事情有多糟 night trying to wrap my head around how bad it is. 很糟 It's bad. 我爸要坐二十年牢 亚奇 My dad is facing 20 years, Arch. 该死 猪头 抱歉 你一定感觉很糟 Crap, Jughead, I'm sorry. That sucks. 律师觉得他应该接受这个条件 The lawyer thinks he should take the deal. 如果不接受 案子进入庭审 And that if he doesn't, and the 他就可能要坐四十年牢 case goes to trial, he could be facing 40 years. 我真的 真的很害怕 I'm just really, really scared. 我也是 Yeah, me, too. 你害怕什么 About what? 河谷镇 第二季 第二集 我昨晚失眠了 猪头 I couldn't sleep last night, Judhead. 我一直在想你爸的事 还有老爹里的场景 I kept thinking about your dad, and Pop's. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Riverdale-02-02-4.html