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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第03期

等等 不好意思 在我听来是认命了 Wait, I'm sorry, am I hearing acceptance? 我绝不容许一个持枪的疯子 I'm not letting one psychopath with a gun 主宰我们地盘上发生的事 dictate what happens to our place. 猪头 你极力挽救汽车影院 Jug, you went crazy trying to save the drive-in. 我眼下不能再关注社会问题了 I can't take on any more social issues right now. 我忙不过来了 My hands are full. 忙你爸的事 当然了 With your dad, of course. 你是应该以他为重 And he should be your priority. 我要帮助泰特老爹 I'll take point on helping Pop Tate. 我也帮忙 贝蒂 I'll help, too, Betty. 只要能让我摆脱我爸妈 我就干 Hey, anything to get me away from my parents, I'm in. 贝蒂 维罗妮卡又合作了 Another Bee and Vee team-up. 真该根据你俩做款电子游戏 They should really make a video game about you guys. 我得走了 I gotta jet. 我得去警察局见法庭 I'm off to meet my dad's court-appointed joke 指派给我爸的律师 of a lawyer at the sheriff's station. 我跟你一起走 猪头 I'm gonna come with you, Jug. 我去给凯勒警长送些传单 I gotta drop some flyers off for Sheriff Keller. 再见 Bye. 凯勒警长 Sheriff Keller. 亚奇 你爸怎么样了 Archie, how's your dad holding up? 说实话 如果你肯把凶手逮捕 Honestly, he'd be doing a lot better 他会好得更快 if you caught the guy who shot him. 我们会竭尽所能 We're doing everything we can. 我也是 我去发传单 Yeah, me, too. I'm out here handing out flyers, 跟邻居了解情况 talking to neighbors, 查我爸信用卡记录 tracking my dad's credit cards 因为他的钱包也丢了 because his wallet is still missing. 也就是说 凶手掌握我们所有人的个人信息 Which means this guy has all of our personal information, 包括我们的住址 including where we live. 而且我们是目击证人 And we were witnesses. 如果你的人去巡逻 警长 If your guys are out there patrolling, Sheriff, -让我一起去吧 我能帮上忙 -不 - let me go with them, I can help. - Oh, no. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Riverdale-02-02-3.html