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电影分级制度 Movie Rating System

In America, children can’t see all movies in the theater, because the government has made up the rule that the theater need to sell tickets according to the rating system. While in China, the situation is very different. Children can see any movie. I think the movie rating system is in need. As a kid, it is not suitable to watch too much violence and sex stuff in the screen. Some kids will be very curious and like to imitate, then some of them will do CRIminal things. Or some children will feel really bad after seeing the disgusting shots, which may have negative effect on them for a lifetime. Parents need to think of their children when they go to the theater.  在美国,小孩是不得在电影院看所有的电影的,因为政府制定了一定的规则,由电影院出售的票要根据等级制度分类。而在中国,则是不一样的,小孩可以看所有的电影。我认为电影分级系统迫在眉睫。作为一个小孩子,并不适合在屏幕上看到过多的暴力、色情。有些小孩也很好奇,喜欢去模仿,之后有些人就会模仿电影里面的情节做一些犯罪的事情。或者有些小孩在看到恶心的镜头后会觉得不舒服,可能给他们的一生都带来不良影响。父母在去电影院看电影时需要考虑他们的孩子。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Movie-Rating-System.html