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捍卫者联盟(Marvel's The Defenders) 第01季 第02集 第05期

这也是他的战斗 It was his fight, too. 也是我的 And mine. 你不是孤军奋战 You're not alone in this. 那又怎样 So what? 我们去组个队吗 We just go and find a team to join? 组成军队 An army? 他派我们回纽约 也许那里有我们要找的人 He sent us back to New York. Maybe there are people here. 冒险一搏吧 但我觉得这个险值得冒 It's a shot in the dark, but I think it's one worth taking. 好吧 Okay. 你是想好计划了吗 So I guess you have a plan? 其实 As a matter of fact... 他的武器 他战斗的那把刀 His weapon, the sword he fought with... 不是标准的武士刀 是冢本刀 It wasn't a standard katana. It was a Tsukamoto. 世界上可能只有十把 There are maybe ten of these in the world. 纽约有一家铸刀坊 是世界上最好的之一 There is a workshop here in New York. One of the world's best. 要是死在柬埔寨那个人在这买过东西的话 If the guy who died in Cambodia ever had business here, 可能就是在那家 maybe it was at that workshop. 要是他没买过呢 And what if he didn't? 那我们继续查 Then we keep looking. 如果是陷阱怎么办 What if it's a trap? 那我们就杀出一条血路 Then we fight our way out of it. 丹尼 怎么了 Danny, what? 你和我 我们 You and I, we... 我们之前相信的人都不是善类 We haven't had the greatest luck trusting other people. 是啊 Yeah... 但你相信我吗 but do you trust me? 当然 Of course. 该死 该死 God damn it. God damn it. 福吉 福吉 Foggy. Foggy. 福吉 福 Foggy. Fog-- 福吉 Hey, Foggy. 保持清洁 Just keep it clean. 这里没多少人有保险 Not a lot of people have insurance here. 是吗 至少没人死 YeahAt least nobody died. 多亏了你 Thanks to you. 多数人出狱之后 You know, most people get out of jail and they, uh... 会开瓶啤酒 pop a beer. 我也去买杯酒好了 Maybe I will go get a drink. 我想今晚要不要去艾尔摩酒吧 I was thinking about going by Elmore's tonight.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Marvels-The-Defenders-01-02-5.html