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福斯特医生(Doctor Foster) 第01季 第01集 第24期

你还好吗 You all right? 兄弟 如果你的手包扎好了 Mate, if you've finished in the sick bay, 我们需要你过来一下 we need your attention over here for two seconds. 来 笑一个 Come on, best smile! 谢谢大家 Thanks, guys! 讲几句 Speech! 天哪 都四十了 40! Jesus! 谢谢你们能来 但因为这里的酒免费喝 I would say thanks for coming, but there's free booze, 所以我懂你们过来的理由 so I know why you're here. 特别是你 Especially you! 我并不喜欢讲几句 但是... I'm not really into speeches but... 我必须得感谢两个人 I have to thank two people. 至少得做这个 I at least want to do that. 首先 汤姆 Firstly, Tom. 他很聪明 乖巧懂事 He's smart, he's well-behaved, 大多数时候都是 但是更棒的是 most of the time... but better than that, 他不会喜欢我这么说的 但我得说 and he won't like me saying this, but... 他很善良 he's kind. 他总是希望人们能够快乐 He always wants people to be happy 并尽他所能使之实现 and he does his best to make that happen. 抱歉 汤姆 我让你难为情了 但是 Sorry, Tom. I'm embarrassing you, I know, but... 能做你的爸爸我很自豪 I'm really so proud to be your dad. 而另一个人... And the other person... 你们知道我大半辈子都生活在这里 You'll know that I've lived most of my life here, 除了在伦敦的那五年 apart from five years in London, 我真是讨厌那段日子 which I hated! 但即使如此 But even so, 我依然欣慰我去了 因为在伦敦 I'm glad I went because in London... 我找到了珍玛 I found Gemma. 自那以来 我从未留恋过往 And since then, I've never looked back. 没有她我将一无是处 她是 I'd be nothing without her. She's... 一位了不起的母亲 a wonderful mother, 一名才华横溢的医生 a talented doctor 而且赚的钱也不少 and not a bad little earner! 我的梦想 我想要的一切 All my dreams, what I want, 她从不笑话我 she never laughs, 她只会亲切地问我怎么能帮上忙 she just asks how she can help. 而作为报答 她却被一个中年男人困住了 And in return, she's stuck with a middle-aged man. 所以... So... 怀着同情与 in sympathy and... 敬佩之情 请各位起立举杯 admiration, please, be upstanding for a toast 敬珍玛 to Gemma! 敬珍玛 To Gemma! 珍玛 说两句吧 Come on, Gemma. Speech! 讲几句 Speech! 让我们开始派对吧 Right, let's get this party started! 地狱 'Hell... 这是地狱 'Hell... 但我依然保持冷静 'Yet I'll be calm. 已是破晓时分 'Now the dawn begins... 命运之手缓缓揭开面纱 'and the slow hand of fate is stretched to draw the veil 暴露赤裸的你 'and leave thee bare. 天堂之怒亦不比由爱转恨之愤 'Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turn'd... 地狱烈火 'Nor hell a fury 亦不敌受辱女人之怨 'like the woman scorned.' 你知道多久了 How long have you known? 天哪 珍玛 God, Gemma... 我希望他进来看到那些箱子 I want him to come in and see those suitcases 在那个瞬间明白 and understand, in that second, 他到底失去了什么 exactly what he's lost.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Doctor-Foster-01-01-24.html