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中国人的公共行为 Chinese Public Behavior

Chinese economy develops very fast in last few decades and a lot of people get rich. In foreigners’ eyes, Chinese people are everywhere. Indeed, traveling is one of the hottest plans for Chinese people. But compared to most foreigners, our manner is always CRIticized. The most obvious problem is talking loudly in the public occasion. Because we get used to be a group and haven’t realized our voice disturb others. So it is in need of changing this bad habit. What’s more, many people jump the queue, which is really rude.Only when we admit our impolite acts will we do better in the future.  在过去的几十年里,中国经济快速发展,很多人因此变得富有。在外国人眼里,到处都可以看见中国人。事实上,去旅行是中国人最热门的计划之一。然而与大多数外国人相比,我们的行为总是受到批评。最明显的问题是在公共场合大声喧哗。因为我们习惯团体出游,还没意识到我们的声音会打扰到别人。所以需要改掉这个坏习惯。而且,许多人喜欢插队,这是极其不礼貌的。只有当我们承认我们的不恰当行为,才能在未来做得更好。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Chinese-Public-Behavior.html