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Kids and animals are a natural match, but researchers say the love youngsters have for animals may actually be clouding the public's mind about how endangered they are. 儿童喜爱动物看来理所当然,但是科研人员说,儿童对动物的喜爱实际上可能会淡化公众头脑中有关这些动物濒临灭绝的境地。 The study in the journal PLOS Biology lists what the authors say are the world's 10 most charismatic animals: tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes leopards, pandas, cheetahs, polar bears, gray wolves and gorillas. PLOS Biology杂志上刊登的研究列举了作者认为全世界最受人喜爱的动物:老虎、狮子、大象、长颈鹿、豹、熊猫、猎豹、北极熊、灰狼和大猩猩。 They say the common appearance of these animals in cartoons, movies, and toys have led to what they call "virtual populations" -- people believe these animals are not at risk of extinction in the wild because they appear to be everywhere. 科研人员说,这些动物经常在漫画和电影中以及以玩具的形式出现,使人们产生了这些动物的“假象数量”。人们因为觉得这些动物随处可见,所以会认为它们在野生环境中没有灭绝的危险。 The study uses the popular French baby toy "Sophie the Giraffe" as an example. Eight-hundred thousand Sophie toys were sold in France in 2010 -- more than eight times the number of real giraffes living in Africa. 论文作者列举了广受欢迎的法国儿童玩具“苏菲长颈鹿”的例子。2010年法国总共销售了80万个苏菲长颈鹿,这个数量相当于非洲野生长颈鹿实际总量的8倍还要多。 The authors recommend toy companies and anyone else who uses endangered species as trademarks donate some of their profits to wildlife conservation. 论文作者建议玩具公司以及任何使用濒临灭绝动物为商标的人捐出部分利润,用于保护野生动物。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/550712.html