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权力的游戏:第680期:第三十一章 艾德(11)

Thirty years before that a male Lannister had taken a Baratheon maid to wife. She had given him three daughters and a son, each black-haired. No matter how far back Ned searched in the brittle yellowed pages, always he found the gold yielding before the coal. 再往前三十年,一位兰尼斯特家的男性娶了拜拉席恩家的女孩为妻。她为他生了三个女儿、一个儿子,全部皆为黑发。不管奈德在薄脆的泛黄书页间如何向前追溯,金黄一遇炭黑永远只有屈服的份。 A dozen years, Ned said. "How is it that you have had no children by the king?" “你们结婚十多年,”奈德道,“怎么会没有孩子?” She lifted her head, defiant. "Your Robert got me with child once," she said, her voice thick with contempt. "My brother found a woman to cleanse me. He never knew. If truth be told, I can scarcely bear for him to touch me, and I have not let him inside me for years. I know other ways to pleasure him, when he leaves his whores long enough to stagger up to my bedchamber. Whatever we do, the king is usually so drunk that he's forgotten itall by the next morning." 她倔傲地抬起头。“你那劳勃让我怀过一次孕,”她的口气充满轻蔑。“我弟弟找了个女人帮我把孩子清理掉。他根本不知道这回事。真要我说,我完全无法忍受他碰我一根汗毛。我们已经很多年没有行房了。他要是稍微远离他那些婊子,喝完酒还能跌跌撞撞地找到我房间,我也有其他方法满足他。反正不管我们做些什么,国王通常烂醉如泥,隔天就忘得一干二净。” How could they have all been so blind? The truth was there in front of them all the time, written on the children's faces. Ned felt sick. "I remember Robert as he was the day he took the throne, every inch a king," he said quietly. "A thousand other women might have loved him with all their hearts. What did he do to make you hate him so?" 他们怎能如此盲目?事实从头到尾摆在眼前,清清楚楚写在孩子们的脸上,而他们却视若无睹。奈德觉得一阵反胃。“我记得劳勃初登王位那天的模样,完全是翩翩王者风范。”他静静地说,“成千上万的女人都会全心全意爱他,他到底做了什么,让你恨成这样?” Her eyes burned, green fire in the dusk, like the lioness that was her sigil. 她的双眼燃起暮色中的绿火,宛如她家徽的母狮。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/550609.html