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There is one corner, by the way, that I'm not going to tell anybody about, where the WiFi actually works. 但是,这个饭店里的确有一个地方可以无线上网。 I'm not telling you about it because I want to use it. 可我不会告诉你们在哪,不告诉你的理由是我也想用。 So what this means, this incredible freedom of choice we have with respect to work, 话说回来,我们工作中的这些难以置信的选择自由, is that we have to make a decision, again and again and again, about whether we should or shouldn't be working. 给我们带来的就是我们必须在选择中做出决定,一次,一次,又一次地,为自己现在该工作还是该休息左右摇摆。 We can go to watch our kid play soccer, and we have our cell phone on one hip, 我们去看孩子踢足球的时候,一个裤兜里装着手机, and our Blackberry on our other hip, and our laptop, presumably, on our laps. 另一个裤兜里装着黑莓,膝上还架着笔记本电脑。 And even if they're all shut off, every minute that we're watching our kid mutilate a soccer game, we are also asking ourselves, 即使它们都关着,我们还是在看着孩子在场上争抢的同时,不断地问自己, "Should I answer this cell phone call? Should I respond to this email? Should I draft this letter?" 接还是不接这个电话?回还是不回这个Email?我该不该写这封信稿? And even if the answer to the question is "no," 即使你给自己的回答是不, it's certainly going to make the experience of your kid's soccer game very different than it would've been. 你对孩子的这场球赛的体验还是还是大打折扣。 So everywhere we look, big things and small things, material things and lifestyle things, life is a matter of choice. 环顾四周,不论大事还是小事,物质的还是生活方式方面,生活就是选择。 And the world we used to live in looked like this. 我们过去生活的世界是这样的。 That is to say, there were some choices, but not everything was a matter of choice. 就是说,选择还是有的,但不是事事都需要选择。 And the world we now live in looks like this. 而今天我们生活的世界则是这样的。 And the question is, is this good news, or bad news? And the answer is, "yes." 问题是,这到底是好事还是坏事?答案是肯定的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/550600.html