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美国语文第五册 第304期:弗吉尼亚人(06)

No such sumptuous funeral had ever been seen in the country as that which Madam Esmond Warrington ordained for her father, 有史以来,弗吉尼亚全州从未经历过如此奢华盛大的送葬,沃林顿·埃斯蒙德夫人授权为她的父亲操办的这场葬礼, who would have been the first to smile at that pompous grief. 冲着这场炫耀于世的风光,那位离去的逝者恐怕最先笑出声来。 The little lads of Castlewood, almost smothered in black trains and hatbands, 卡斯尔伍德家族两位少年身穿黑色曳尾礼服, headed the procession and were followed by my Lord Fairfax, from Greenway Court, 戴着缀有黑色缎带的礼帽,走在送葬队伍前列, by his Excellency the Governor of Virginia (with his coach), by the Randolphs, the Careys, the Harrisons, the Washingtons, and many others; 心情压抑得几乎喘不过气来。少年身后跟随有格林威法院的费尔法克斯勋爵、尊贵的弗吉尼亚州州长阁下(乘坐他的四轮马车赶来)、伦道夫夫妇、卡雷斯夫妇、哈里森斯夫妇、华盛顿夫妇以及众多宾客. for the whole country esteemed the departed gentleman, whose goodness, whose high talents, 全州对这位逝去的名流之士致以敬意,埃斯蒙德先生的良好美德、出众才华、 whose benevolence and unobtrusive urbanity, had earned for him the just respect of his neighbors. 仁慈宽厚以及不事张扬的温文尔雅赢得了周边居民的恰当尊重。 When informed of the event, the family of Colonel Esmond's stepson, the Lord Castlewood of Hampshire in England, 埃斯蒙德先生的上校继子,英国汉普郡卡斯尔伍德勋爵一家接到这一不幸的消息, asked to be at the charges of the marble slab which recorded the names and virtues of his lordship's mother and her husband; 并被要求承担继父大理石墓碑的所有费用,碑上镌刻母亲的勋爵身份与她丈夫的贵族头衔,还有夫妇俩的一生善行。 and after due time of preparation, the monument was set up, exhibiting the arms and coronet of the Esmonds, 经过一段时间准备,那块纪念碑已矗立起来,碑面刻有埃斯蒙德夫妇戎装照与爵位冕冠, supported by a little, chubby group of weeping cherubs, and reciting an epitaph which for once did not tell any falsehoods. 下面衬有一排胖乎乎的哭泣小天使,小家伙们正在朗诵这篇未见任何漏洞谎言的墓志铭。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/550580.html