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美国语文第五册 第303期:弗吉尼亚人(05)

On account of a certain apish drollery and humor which exhibited itself in the lad, 抖落乔治身上的诙谐笑料,令人忍俊不禁。 and a liking for some of the old man's pursuits, the first of the twins was the grandfather's favorite and companion, 这个半大小子喜爱似乎与祖父嗜好有些不谋而合,乔治还喜欢和老人袒露孩子的小秘密。 and would laugh and talk out all his infantine heart to the old gentleman, to whom the younger had seldom a word to say. 童言无忌的纯真,使他成为老人的心头肉和忘年交,而乔治喜欢和老人尽情袒露孩童的小秘密。弟弟哈里则与祖父几乎无话可说。 George was a demure, studious boy, and his senses seemed to brighten up in the library, where his brother was so gloomy. 乔治学习严肃认真,一进入知识海洋,便显现出惊人天赋;捧起书本的哈里,总是蔫头耷脑,满脸愁容。 He knew the books before he could well-nigh carry them, and read in them long before he could understand them. 乔治小时候,甚至在无法明白文章内容的时候,他便喜欢上了书,早早开始阅读; Harry, on the other hand, was all alive in the stables or in the wood, eager for all parties of hunting and fishing, 此刻的哈里成天活蹦乱跑,不是在马厩或树林里搅得鸡飞狗跳,就是屁颠颠地钓鱼打猎聚众喧闹, and promised to be a good sportsman from a very early age. 从小便信誓旦旦地声称自己将会成为优秀的体育健将。 At length the time came when Mr. Esmond was to have done with the affairs of this life, 死神降临,埃斯蒙德先生即将告别人世,庄园一干世俗杂务业已与他无关, and he laid them down as if glad to be rid of their burden. 对他来说,如释重负的解脱似乎意味着内心欣慰无比。 All who read and heard that discourse, wondered where Parson Broadbent of James Town found the eloquence and the Latin which adorned it. 凡是读过或听过埃斯蒙德先生祭文的人,对詹姆斯镇德本特牧师究竟从哪找到这么一篇流利完美、不时缀有庄重典雅拉丁文的祭文心存疑惑。 Perhaps Mr. Dempster knew, the boys' Scotch tutor, who corrected the proofs of the oration, 登普斯特先生或许深谙其中奥秘,这位乔治与哈里的苏格兰家庭老师想必对那篇祭文最后润笔。 which was printed, by the desire of his Excellency and many persons of honor, at Mr. Franklin's press in Philadelphia. 这篇祭文依照国王阁下的本人意愿,另外鉴于诸多贤士名流的荣誉考虑,最终在费城富兰克林先生出版社得以印出。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/550579.html