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别那么苛刻 Don't Be So Mean

Nowadays, Internet has been the main way for people to get to know about the world. Many fans follow their idols’ information by the social software. Internet facilitate people’s life, but the problem comes. Internet violence is the main problem. As there is no law to limit people’s behavior, many people are very mean. They give their bad comment on the things and people they don’t like. Language violence can be seen everywhere, even the person is doing nothing wrong. Anyone can be attacked by others without the proper reason. We should not be so mean to others, even there is no law to supervise. Creating a harmonious environment needs everybody’s contribution.  如今,互联网已经成为人们了解世界的主要方式。许多粉丝通过社交软件关注他们偶像的信息。互联网便利了大家的生活,然而问题也随之而来了。网络暴力成为主要的问题,因为没有法律来限制大家的行为,很多人就变得非常的苛刻。他们对自己不喜欢的东西或者人就会给予不好的评论。即使别人什么都没有做错,语言暴力还是随处可见。任何人都会毫无理由的遭遇别人的攻击。即使没有法律监督,我们也不应该对别人那么苛刻。创造一个和谐的环境人人有责。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180415/Dont-Be-So-Mean.html