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This could be the greatest news of all time: Goat yoga is finally coming to New York City. 这可能是有史以来最伟大的新闻:山羊瑜伽终于来到了纽约。 States such as California and New Hampshire first introduced this form of exercise to yogis — usually done outdoors in the presence of the adorable animals. 加利福尼亚和新罕布什尔等州是最先将这种通常是在可爱的动物面前做的户外运动介绍给了瑜伽修行者。 Now, the goats are trotting down to Bushwick this spring for classes, Greenpointers.com reports. 据Greenpointers.com网站报道,这群山羊将于今春来到布什维克进行授课。 The classes involve your typical poses — but in the presence of several curious baby goats who sometimes feel inclined to hop onto your back during table pose. 课程所涉及的动作均为瑜伽代表性的动作--但是是在几只好奇的小山羊面前做这些动作,它们有时会在你做半轮式时想跳到你的背上去。 The goats "enjoy human interaction" and "help humans connect with each other," NY Goat Yoga claims on their Facebook. 纽约山羊瑜伽公司在他们的Facebook上声称,山羊“享受与人类的互动”,并“帮助人类相互联系”。 When goat yoga was introduced in New Hampshire, the classes saw a 350-person waitlist. 当山羊瑜伽引入到新罕布什尔州时,仅报名等待上课的名单上就有350人。 Patron Artie Boutin told The Post at the time that the goats were relaxing and helped less-experienced yogis get more comfortable with the practice. 赞助人阿蒂·布托当时接受《华盛顿邮报》采访时表示,山羊们很放松,有助于缺乏经验的瑜伽修行者更好地适应这种练习。 "It's a lot less intimidating when you have five baby goats running around, jumping on you," Boutin said at the time. "Nobody is paying attention to you at all." 布托当时称:“当有5只小山羊在你周围跑来跑去、蹦蹦跳跳的时候,你会觉得没那么吓人。根本没有人会注意到你。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180415/550383.html