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美国语文第五册 第302期:弗吉尼亚人(04)

The elder was peaceful, studious, and silent; the younger was warlike and noisy. 老大平和好学且沉默寡言,老二则挑衅好战,沉湎嬉闹。 He was quick at learning when he began, but very slow at beginning. 每每开始学习,他反应很快;一旦进入课程便显得格外鲁钝。 No threats of the ferule would provoke Harry to learn in an idle fit, or would prevent George from helping his brother in his lesson. 来自戒尺的惩戒对游手好闲的哈里无济于事;同时,亦无法阻止乔治协助弟弟躲避用功。 Harry was of a strong military turn, drilled the little negroes on the estate, 哈里的军事悟性极高,他习惯模仿军官,居然有模有样地训练庄园一批黑人少年, and caned them like a corporal, having many good boxing matches with them, and never bearing malice if he was worsted; 经常习惯模仿军士用藤杖鞭打那些少年,或与他们进行激烈的拳击竞赛,即使被打趴在地,哈里断然亦不会心怀恶意或萌生怨恨; —whereas George was sparing of blows, and gentle with all about him. 相反,乔治从不与人殴斗,对人总是温和友善。 As the custom in all families was, each of the boys had a special little servant assigned him: and it was a known fact that George, 像当地所有贵族家庭一样,每个贵族男孩都有专门伺童跟从伺候,乔治有件轶事在当地无人不晓。 finding his little wretch of a blackamoor asleep on his master's bed, sat down beside it, 一天,乔治发现自己伺童居然在他这个主人的床上睡着了,他一声不吭地在床边坐下, and brushed the flies off the child with a feather fan, to the horror of old Gumbo, 拿起一把羽毛扇给那个小坏蛋撵蚊虫; the child's father, who found his young master so engaged, and to the indignation of Madam Esmond, 让孩子爸爸、老黑奴甘博万分恐惧的是,埃斯蒙德夫人知道此事后恼怒万分 who ordered the young negro off to the proper officer for a whipping. 眼前儿子的年轻主子手脚一直忙活不停。她即刻吩咐撵走那小坏蛋去接受鞭刑。 In vain George implored and entreated— burst into passionate tears, and besought a remission of the sentence. 乔治的祈求全然无用,竟然在旁边嚎啕大哭起来,他苦苦哀求母亲赦免他的仆从, His mother was inflexible regarding the young rebel's punishment, and the little negro went off beseeching his young master not to cry. 当然,埃斯蒙德夫人压根不会放过对这个黑色小反骨的惩罚,那位小伺童却走上前恳求他的小主人不要哭泣。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180415/550319.html