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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第213期:破裂的亲戚关系

Caleb. Hey. From my mom. 凯勒 是我妈找我 Is everything okay? 有什么事吗 Yeah, she's fine, It's just, uh... 她很好 只是... I don't know, it's weird. What is? 我也不清楚 挺奇怪的 什么事 My aunt moved to Australia. 我姑姑搬到澳大利亚去了 What's weird about that? 这有什么好奇怪的 It's my father's sister. 那是我爸爸的妹妹 The one my mom left me with. 我妈妈把我留给她照看的 The one who put you in foster care? 你寄养在她家的那一个吗 I guess my mom started looking for all of her broken connections, 我觉得我妈妈开始寻找关系破裂的亲戚 and she finally found my aunt, 然后她终于找到了我姑姑 and my aunt is moving to Brisbane. 可是我姑姑要搬去布里斯班 They're closing her house. 他们把她的房子闲置了 Wait. The one you were in when you were little? 等等 你小时候住的那个房子吗 Yeah. They're cleaning it out, tearing it down. 没错 他们要把房子清空拆除 My mom said if I want to see the place, 我妈妈说如果我还想去那儿看看 see if I want anything from it, 看看有什么东西想要的 I should... I should go now. 我现在就该动身了 Are you thinking about going? 那你想说去吗 No. I'm not thinking about it, and I'm not going. 不 不想 也不会去 Caleb, if they tear it down. I don't care. 凯勒 如果房子被拆了 我不在乎 Let 'em. 随他们去吧 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180415/550317.html