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音乐的魅力 The Charm of Music

Music is part of our life today. No one will say no to music and everybody has their taste about music. When I was very small, my parents would let me listen to the classic music. They want to develop my interest and have a good taste. But as I grow up, I fall in love with rock music, which makes me feel cool. It is said that music can heal people’s soul. I agree with it. When I am not happy, I will listen to music and then dance in my bedroom. The moment I’m immersed myself in the music, I will forget about my sorrow and annoyance soon. What’s more, listening to songs is a good way to learn the second language. For many Chinese students, they learn the words by listening to English songs that they like. It is an efficient way. Music is full of charm. 音乐是我们生活的一部分,没有人会拒绝音乐,而且每个人都有自己的音乐品味。在我很小的时候,我的父母会让我听古典音乐,他们想培养我的兴趣和品味。但是当我长大了,我喜欢上了摇滚音乐,摇滚让我觉得很酷。据说音乐可以治愈心灵,我觉得也是。我不开心的时候,我会听听音乐,在我的卧室里跳舞,那一刻我沉浸于音乐之中很快就会忘记我的悲伤和烦恼。更重要的是,听音乐是学习第二语言的好方法。对许多中国学生来说,他们通过听喜欢的英文歌来学单词,这个方法是很有效的。音乐充满着魅力。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180414/The-Charm-of-Music.html