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不要拿年龄当借口 Don't Take the Age as Excuse

One day, when I had lunch in a restaurant with my mother, there was a small boy next to me. He was very naughty and making noise. The boy was enjoying doing this bad thing, because other people looked at him and he felt being the spotlight. To my surprise, the mother did not stop the boy but explained to others that he was just a small kid. This is the very classic education for most Chinese parents. Age is not the excuse for doing the bad thing. The boy should be educated in time, so that he can realize his mistake, or he will do it all the time.  有一天我和妈妈在一家餐馆吃午饭的时候,我旁边有一个小男孩,他很调皮,一直在制造噪音。男孩似乎很享受这样做坏事,因为其他人看着他让他觉得自己成为了焦点。我很惊讶的是他妈妈并没有阻止他的行为,反而是向他人解释说,他只是个孩子。对大多数中国父母来说这是非常典型的教育方式。年龄不是做坏事的借口。他妈妈应该要教育这个小男孩,这样他才会意识到自己的错误,不然他会一直都这样做。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180414/Dont-Take-the-Age-as-Excuse.html