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Two's company, three is inconvenient. 两只情侣其乐融融,三只就多有不便了。 But in any case, all male frogs are equipped with dry thumbs, 无论如何,雄蛙都需要用干燥的脚趾, which enable them to get a vice-like grip on their moist partners. 如老虎钳般紧紧抓住雌蛙湿润的皮肤。 It's a case of first come, first served. 先来先得。 Living in such a humid environment means jungle frogs are less tied to puddles and pools. 在这种潮湿的环境下生活,使得树蛙可以摆脱水塘的束缚。 And these even lay their eggs out of water. 因此它们无需在水中产卵。 There's little chance of them drying out, and up here they're safer from predators. 卵干死的几率很小,在这里,也能免于被掠食者吃掉。 Surprisingly, it doesn't rain every day in a rainforest, 雨林虽然不是天天下雨, but more still falls here than anywhere else on Earth. 但是这里仍然比地球上其他地方下的多。 On average, over two metres a year. 平均年降水量可达2米。 A single tree can suck up hundreds of tons of water each year. 一棵树每年可吸收几百吨的水。 But the trees can't use all this water, 不过树也无法全部喝掉这些水, so much of it returns to the air as vapour, forming mist and clouds. 多数被转换成了水蒸气从而形成了薄雾和云。 In the Amazon, the largest unbroken stretch of rainforest in the world, 在亚马逊,世界上最大的原始森林, half of all the rainwater that falls comes from clouds produced by the trees themselves. 有半数的降水被树木再次转变成云和降水并循环使用。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180414/550134.html