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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第211期:拉拉的暗号

Hold it. Can I at least shower first? 站住 能让我先洗澡吗 My hair is about to crack off my head. 我头发快把脑袋扯开了 I'm not going to bed without discussing this. 不谈就别想睡觉 What were you doing in that bar? Mom. 你在那个酒吧干什么 妈妈 Was it about... exploring a new feeling? 这是在探索新感觉吗 Okay, I wasn't looking for romance. I was looking for Caleb. 我不是去寻欢作乐 我在找凯勒 What would Caleb be doing hanging out in a lesbian bar? 凯勒在一个拉拉酒吧里干什么 I didn't know it was ladies' night until I got there. 我也是到那里了才知道是拉拉主题的 Look, I was following Paige 我在跟踪佩奇 because I thought he was meeting up with her. 因为我觉得凯勒要和她碰面 For what? 为什么 A plan to keep Mona away from my friends. 制定计划让梦娜远离我的朋友 He and paige don't want her near us, 他和佩奇都不想她靠近我们 so I was just gonna stop them from doing anything stupid. 我只是想阻止他们做傻事而已 And that required ordering a cocktail and starting a bar fight? 那你就必须点个鸡尾酒再打个架吗 I did not order a cocktail, 我没点鸡尾酒 and I only danced with 我只是在和那个女孩跳舞 that girl who thought I was into pink drinks 她以为喜欢粉红酒 because I didn't want Paige to see me. 因为我不想让佩奇发现我 What's a pink drink? 什么是粉红酒 Is that code for something gay? 是什么关于拉拉的暗号吗 No, it's just a pink drink. 不是 就是粉红色的酒 Can we not do this right now? 我们现在能不能别这样 Hanna, we're getting to that place again. 汉娜 我们又回到那个地方了 What place? 回哪了 Where I'm sensing you're not telling me the whole truth. 回到我觉得你有事瞒着我的地方 Well, I'm not hiding anything from you, okay? 我没有事隐瞒你 好吗 I was just making sure Caleb didn't get into trouble. 我只是想确保凯勒不要惹上麻烦 And you got yourself into trouble instead. 结果你给自己惹麻烦了 Well, that wasn't the plan. 这并不是我的初衷 And, honestly, if it keeps Emily from being messed with, 说实话 如果这能不让艾米丽被耍 maybe it was worth it. 没准还真值得 What does Emily have to do with this? 这和艾米丽有什么关系 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180414/550057.html