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共享单车的生活 The Life With Ofo

Two years ago, the ofo became popular in China. The government advocated ofo plan and wanted to facilitate people’s lives. Nowadays, ofo is favored by more and more people, especially in the big cities. It can help people to save time and some people can use it to take a visit of the city. The foreigners speak highly of ofo. They say it brings great convenience to them. What’s more, in the big cities, the traffic always get congested. At this moment, ofo is great help to them. People don’t need to worry about being late. But the problem comes. Some bikes are damaged and people condemn such behavior. Everybody should behave themselves and make ofo works well.  两年前,共享单车开始在中国流行。政府提倡共享单车这个项目,希望能够给人们的生活带来便利。如今,共享单车受到越来越多人的青睐,尤其是在大城市,有助于人们节省时间。有些人可以用它来参观这个城市。外国人对共享单车很喜欢,他们说这给他们带来巨大的便利。更重要的是,在大城市,交通总是很拥挤。这时,共享单车对他们的帮助是很大的,不用担心迟到了。但问题来了,一些自行车被人们损害,这种行为也被谴责。每个人都应该守规矩,使共享单车行之有效。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180413/The-Life-With-Ofo.html