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来自好莱坞女星的建议 The Advice From Hollywood Female Stars

Every year, the Oscar awarding ceremony catches the world’s attention. The female stars as the most beautiful scenery are always the media’s beloved. When these women were asked to give advice to the young girls, they give their opinions. The most common advice is that every girl should just be themselves and never follow the crowd. Today, a lot of girls are affected by the commercial ads. They believe that only when they have bigger boobs and tighter butts will they look beautiful. This is the totally wrong concept, as everyone has their own feature. When they lose the individuality, they lose their beauty. So it is important to stick to who you are and what you believe is right. Some day these things will make you special and make a difference. I am so inspired and be proud of who I am.  每年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼都吸引了全世界的注意。女明星作为最美丽风景总是受到媒体的喜爱。当大家让这些女星给予年轻女孩一些建议时,她们给出了自己的观点。最常见的建议就是每个女孩都应该做自己,不要随波逐流。很多女孩现在受到商业广告的影响,她们认为只有当她们拥有更大的乳房和更紧致的屁股时才会看起来很漂亮。这观点是完全错误的,因为每个人都有自己的特性。当他们失去个性时,就失去了美丽。所以重要的是坚持做自己以及自己认为是正确的事。总有一天这些东西会让你变得特别,有所作为。我受到了启发,也为自己自豪。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180413/The-Advice-From-Hollywood-Female-Stars.html