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撒谎 Telling Lies

We are educated to be an honest person and it is the precious merit. But no one can be honest all the time. We will tell lies to cover the mistakes we have made or sometimes we are not telling the truth for making others feeling better. Once I lied to my parents and I realized it was not good to do it. I told my parents I stayed the night at my friend’s home. In fact, we hanged out for fun until midnight. When I saw the horrible things happened in midnight, I realized I should not tell lies to my parents. They will concern about my safety. Since then, I would not lie to my parents anymore. 我们总是被教育要做一个诚实的人,这也是宝贵的美德。但是没有人可以做到一直都诚实。我们总是会通过撒谎言去掩盖我们所犯的错误,或者有时候没把实话说出来会让别人更舒服。我曾经骗过我父母,我知道这是不好的。我告诉我爸妈我晚上一直都在朋友家里,但是事实上,我们出去玩到半夜才回去。当我看到午夜时候发生的可怕事情时,我意识到我不应该对父母说谎了,他们会担心我的安全。从那时起,我再也不欺骗我的父母了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180413/Telling-Lies.html