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So I devised a quiz: How well do you know your area? 对此我设计了一个测试:你对你居住的地区了解多少? It's a simple Web app. 这是一个简单的网络应用。 You put in a post code and then it will ask you questions based on census data for your local area. 输入邮编,它会根据你所在地区的普查数据给你提出问题。 And I was very conscious in designing this. 我在设计时有特别注意。 I wanted to make it open to the widest possible range of people, not just the 49 percent who can get the numbers. 我想要让它适用于最广范围的人群,不仅仅是49%的会把玩数字的人。 I wanted everyone to engage with it. 我想要每个人都能参与。 So for the design of the quiz, I was inspired by the isotypes of Otto Neurath from the 1920s and '30s. 所以,针对测试的设计,我的灵感是由19世纪20到30年代奥图·纽拉特的“同形像”所激发。 Now, these are methods for representing numbers using repeating icons. 这是使用重复图标来代表数字的方法。 And the numbers are there, but they sit in the background. 那些数字仅仅是作为背景。 So it's a great way of representing quantity without resorting to using terms like "percentage," "fractions" and "ratios." 所以这是一个代表数量的绝佳方式,不需要使用“百分比”、“分数”和“比率”。 So here's the quiz. The layout of the quiz is, you have your repeating icons on the left-hand side there, 这个就是测试界面。界面的布局是,你左手边有重复出现的图标, and a map showing you the area we're asking you questions about on the right-hand side. 然后在右手边,这里有一张地图,展现我们问你问题的地区。 There are seven questions. Each question, there's a possible answer between zero and a hundred, 一共有七个问题。对于每一个问题,这里有一个从0到100的可能的答案, and at the end of the quiz, you get an overall score between zero and a hundred. 在测试结尾,你会得到一个在0和100之间的总分。 And so because this is TEDxExeter, I thought we would have a quick look at the quiz for the first few questions of Exeter. 因为这是TEDx埃克塞特,我们可以快速看一下关于埃克塞特的前几个问题。 And so the first question is: For every 100 people, how many are aged under 16? 第一个问题是,每一百人中有多少个在十六岁以下? Now, I don't know Exeter very well at all, so I had a guess at this, but it gives you an idea of how this quiz works. 当然,我对于埃克塞特不那么了解,所以我随便猜了一下,主要是演示这个测试怎样进行。 You drag the slider to highlight your icons, and then just click "Submit" to answer, 你将滑块拖至你所认可的数据图标,然后点击“递交”, and we animate away the difference between your answer and reality. 然后我们将你的答案和现实之间的差异用动画的方式表现出来。 And it turns out, I was a pretty terrible guess: five. 结果是,我错得很离谱,只得了五分。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180412/549623.html