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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第205期:艾米对爱情不忠诚

Hey. I been looking for you. 我一直在找你 Did you get my text? Uh, yeah. 你收到我的短信了吗 收到了 Yeah, you said that you found some of 你说你在一个旧的笔记本里 Ali's writing in an old notebook? 发现了艾莉的字迹 It's an entire conversation between Ali and a friend, 是一段艾莉和她朋友的完整对话 but none of us recognize the friend's handwriting. Sorry. 但是我们都认不出她朋友的字迹 不好意思 I have to get to class. You don't get it. 我得去上课了 你还没弄明白 Ali wasn't sharing makeup tips with this person. 艾莉可不是在和这个人讨论化妆心得 They were talking about 她们谈论的是 a guy that Ali was secretly involved with. 一个背地里与艾莉有牵连的男人 They call him the beach hottie. 她们称他为"沙滩帅哥" Was Ian ever a lifeguard? 伊恩做过救生员吗 I don't know, but Melissa might. Okay? 我不知道 但也许梅丽莎知道 Sorry, Em, I've really got to get to class. 抱歉 艾米 我真要去上课了 Spencer... Ali was scared of this guy, 斯宾塞 艾莉害怕这人 or at least scared to tell him something. 至少有话不敢对他说 Okay, well, good luck figuring it out. 祝你顺利查出是什么话 What?! Maybe she was just scared 什么 也许她只是害怕告诉他 to tell him that she was slutting it up 她一个夏天在不同地方 in three different zip codes in one summer. 睡了三个男人 What are you saying? 你在说什么 I'm saying that Ali wasn't loyal. 我说艾莉并不忠诚 To any of us. 对我们任何一个都是 So why do we continue to be loyal to her? 那我们又何必继续忠于她 I mean, why should we care what happens to her? 我们干嘛还要在乎她发生什么事了 What happened to her? 她发生过什么事 Because we do. Care. 因为我们在乎 就是在乎 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180411/549365.html